I ve noticed while looking at a lot of 350x s mostly 85 s a lot of them have...

I've noticed while looking at a lot of 350x's(mostly 85's) a lot of them have a repair spot on the frame above the left foot peg behind the engine. Was this a common problem with the 85's only or both 85 and 86 models? did they do anything to the 86 frames to fix the problem? Any other weak spots in the frame to check out when looking at one? Thanks

  • And josh, yes youre right, they slightly reinforced the 86 frames a little more than the 85 frames. they actually reinforced the 87 frames even more, but of course theyre rare as a unicorn

  • ya if my memory serves me right, when they reinforced the frame in 87 all they had to do was add another wheel....

  • add another wheel?

  • ya they made quads.....

  • The '87 ATC350X:

    Only year OEM Equipped with white air scoops (as seen in the brochure).

    Only year OEM equipped with a red rear fender garnish "mudflap" (as seen in the brochure).

    Only year for blue Honda wing decals on the gas tank (as seen in the brochure).

    Only year for new positioning for graphics on the rear fenders (as seen in the brochure).

    Potentially would have shared the new keyed ignition feature with the rest of the '87 model line up. Like the 250R, if you look close in the full size view it appears to show a plastic "dash" around the handlebar mounts. High probability this was a place for a keyed ignition.

    Potentially would have had additional frame gusseting and strengthening improvements. Honda made significant updates to the '86 model and it seems likely they would have continued on with them for '87.

  • the 350x and the 250t never even made it to production..... There may have been a prototype of some sort, but other then that you are out of your mind if you believe in unicorns

  • the point is i was telling the guy the 87 frame wouldve been reinforced even more than the 86. u dont need to be a prick

  • sorry, i just thought you were going to start in on the 87......

  • Steve Brown we do need ur negativity here 87 were produced and sold lets keep it at that lol....................................