• I wanna go oversize on the rear tire either a 170 or 180 section Anyone got...

    I wanna go oversize on the rear tire, either a 170 or 180 section. Anyone got any pics of these on their bike so I can get a rough idea of what it looks like?

    • 170/80/15 in the rear

    • I've just ordered a lowering kit. Hopefully won't have any issues going oversize either!

    • What's the original size of the 750 actually ?

    • mine was 160

    • 160/80-15 is the stock size :)

    • Ok, thanks =).

      That's supprising when we think that the stock size of my Shadow 600 is 170.

    • Mine is a 750 shaft, didn't know the 600 had a larger stock tire!

    • Here's my one. 600cc, from 1988.

    • Looks like I'm gonna have to go with the 170 as Avon don't appear to do a 180 here in the UK

    • 170/80