• I want a wheelie bar. Show me yours

    I want a wheelie bar!! Show me yours :)

    • Where does everyone get the wheelie bars?

    • Perfect stranger designs, ndc, kevtek, zues armor, etc all make subcages

    • Do a video of how you park it in the bar! I have never seen anyone do it.

    • this photo was taken a while ago.. Wheelie bar won't fit with current tail tidy.... I just lifted it up by the front forks and tilted her backwards.

    • Stunning mate!!

    • Cheers bro

    • Not mine but yeah

    • Looks wicked that! We're did you buy mate?

    • The cage came from DKS

    • The cage came a little too long imo so I cut it down and banged the bungs back on

    • Cool beans