I want to buy EG front forks. Lmk what you ve got


I want to buy EG front forks! Lmk what you've got!!

%d comments
  • I got the front forks for 10

  • I got some 15

  • Location?

  • Location?

  • Stockton

  • San pablo

  • Brandon Stone Sacramento

  • Shiat

  • Damn, everyone is so far

  • Well I only commented because it's in a stockton group..

  • Haha true. I should be picking up a door.....in Stockton.

  • Maybe then?

  • Well if you pick the door lmk. I also have the doors off an eg hatch

  • Ef stuff, I need the forks cause I got DC/EG tokicos. For my EF

  • Ah I see, I don't think I have any effect stuff other then bumper releases

  • Np.

  • If you come to stockton lmk. I'll have the forks

  • Sweet.

  • Pmed