• I want to lower my foot pegs to ease knee pain. Any suggestions please

    I want to lower my foot pegs to ease knee pain. Any suggestions please?

    • Jamie Clare

    • SW Motech do a set, I fitted them to mine and they are excellent.

    • I got these "Vario-Footpegs" (and a Touratech +2cm seat). These footpegs are available im three different lengths/hights and can be adjusted in eight positions - forward/backward/up/down. I have the middle length mounted - not straight down but slightly forward.

      I also like the available colours - got black adaptors and arm with red footpegs that fit nicely with the colors of my bike...

    • Martin, thanks for that. Where can I buy them online??

    • Hello Pat, I got mine at www.polo-motorrad.com - alternatively just google "vario footpeg"

    • Martin, I have searched the POLO website and via Google with no luck. I can find hte pegs, but not for the VFR1200x.Could you point me to the actual product page please?

    • http://www.polo-motorrad.de/de /vario-adaptergelenke-ohne-aus leger-fahrer-fgh1-schwarz.html parts number for Crosstourer rider's adaptor in black is 60380006271 in the Polo-store (the come with so called ABE what means they can be used on the german and european streets legally on the Crostourer)

    • Thanks for your support... and patience!!

    • 60380003994 is parts number for the 30mm extension in black and 60380001060 is the number for my red footpegs - I hope they ship around the world... If you enter FGH1 into Polo's search you will find the black and silver version to fit your bike.

    • This is the left one on my Crosstourer