• I was advised Get a rear hugger for back wheel 70 a pop So I got a bit of...

    I was advised "Get a rear 'hugger' for back wheel". £70 a pop! So I got a bit of hardboard, cheap black gloss, & Araldyted it to where base of battery-box is. Stops all the crud getting on rear shock etc. & at a fraction of the price :)

    • Like it! Glad to know that the Men in Sheds keep on going lol

    • Style over function that they don't make the mud guards work properly in the first place.

    • Will it not interfere with the suspension ?

    • Doesn't seem to. Dropping down from where I've glued it, it sits rearwards of the s/arm a little, but away from the tyre too. Cut lower 2 corners so it doesn't touch curviture of s/arm at sides either.

    • sorry but think this sets her off perfectly

    • I hope you done more than just glued it on! If that comes adrift it could be catastrophic.

    • Roughed-up both surfaces & araldyte. Only a bit of cruddy hardboard. It won't come adrift

    • Get a r&G shock tube. Great job, or if your really tight, get an old diving suit, neoprene, and cut it and fit it.

    • I hope it is well away from s/arm etc as there is quite a few inches of upwards movement on the suspension.

    • yes, it sits away from s/arm in centre & cut corners off where s/arm curves at each side. Done a few hundred miles like it now & absolutely no problems.