I was just looking at other Honda mini bikes from years gone by Dax Chaly...


I was just looking at other Honda mini bikes from years gone by, Dax, Chaly, Monkey etc - these are now considered classics - do you think that the MSX will be considered as such in time?

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  • I hope so. Either way I'm never selling mine

  • Definitely not!

  • Not selling mine either but I honestly doubt it from the looks of it the MSX will be in production unchanged for a good few years and it doesn't really have the same cult following as the ST series ect. because those were really pretty much toys and many peoples first ever bikes when they were very young in the 70's. so as they became older they wanted to get one to restore and do it up (obviously there was the tuning aspect that came later on) maybe in 20/30 years or so there will be a market for bone stock Honda MSX's because they have all been modified and this generations teenagers will be in their 40s and want to relive their teens just look at how the price of the Yamaha Fizzy or FS1 has gone up over the years same concept as it was a generation bike. :)

  • I reckon in 40 years time people will be buying these and restoring them back to standard condition again, just like the monkeys now.

    Proper cult bike!