I was just thinkin u could put a ball valve on the snorkles and if it s gunna...


I was just thinkin u could put a ball valve on the snorkles and if it's gunna sink shut the ball valve. Never heard of anyone doing it. Just popped in my head seemed cool.

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  • Ya,I like my toys also. So I don't test them up

  • Problem is, 99% of the time you don't know it's going under till it's too late.

  • Thats y you take and make 2 to 3 loops on the crank case vent line 99% of the time when you sink it the water goes from the air box threw the crank case vent line in to the bottom end if u put 2 to 3 loops it makes it impossible for the water to go that route unless u flip under water enough just dont turn it over till you get the water off the top of the piston

  • Found this picture. Somebody put it on a recon

  • Snorkel savers. if you can get the bike shut off before it goes under they are supposed to not let water through.

  • I figured i wasn't the first person to think of it

  • I had a idea of putting a check valve on the exhaust. Air is pushing out keeping the valve open .. but when the bike dies the valve shuts and doesn't let water back into your motor.

  • That could work hard to get a perfect seal but it would help. Or get some electric cut outs like on a hot rod

  • Even if it wasn't a perfect seal it would still give you those few critical seconds to get the pipe up out of the water.

  • I agree