I was riding my Honda shadow with a friend that had a Honda Rebel and they had...


I was riding my Honda shadow with a friend that had a Honda Rebel , and they had to keep the choke on just a little to make the Rebel run right , it seem to me to run OK .

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  • probably needs carbs cleaned

  • Yup mixture is lean. Carb ckean.

  • can you pour something in the tank to clean carb ?

  • Trade for a Harley. Lol

  • cleaning the carb will take 30 mins max on a rebel

  • I am to poor to buy Harley Parts .

  • Seriously? Take it off and clean it properly don't be lazy. If you just keep seafoaming it it will build up deposits and gunk in a ton of little places and eventually will stop working at the worst time.

  • Seafoam is your friend!

  • Lazy and inexperienced ate two very different classes. Do you know if this guy is experienced enough for that? I've been working on bikes for years and I STILL try to avoid messing with carbs lol

  • Jeremy Gaskin I do not have the experience to work on the carbs , but its not my bike , I was thinking of running sea foam through it .

  • Sea foam works but it's like brushing your teeth with a piece of hay compared to a toothbrush. That stuff is better to clean out the chamber imo

  • There's only one way to get that experience though, I would recommend doing it on your desk with a YouTube video of how to do it going. There are several outstanding ones and you get the bonus of learning how it goes together and also learning how to adjust everything if you change the intake or exhaust and want to re jet! I'm not trying to call anyone lazy just saying using tank additives only to try to clean the carbs is

  • Needs main jet cleaned guaranteed. Running with choke on is the hallmark for dirty carbs.

  • This is some great advice, except for the lazy comment…