I went to buy coolant for the 954 today and the fella said red or blue i didnt...


I went to buy coolant for the 954 today and the fella said " red or blue" i didnt know the difference so said i'd get back to him , he did say it was something to do with the engine block ? Anyone heard of this before ?

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  • No idea.. mine happened to be red though. 50/50 mix is what you want.

  • I think as long as you get the right sort for aluminium you should be fine. I'm sure that's why he asked

  • Yes Adrian he mentioned aluminium ? The Haynes doesn't highlight any specific one , it sounds quite crucial for me never to have heard of it ?

    I thought coolant was coolant .

  • They have added long life anti freeze that suppose to last 5 or more years to the marketplace and they still offer the non-long life or the green stuff.

    Green needs to be changed out every two years due to corrosion inhibitors breaking down.

    The only thing to remember is do not mix long life and the non.

    Cooling and corrosion protection are two different things. You can test to see if cooling and freeze protection are in spec but no test for corrosion so change every two years if you use green stuff and follow recommended change intervals.

  • It does. 50 50.

  • Ethylene glycol based coolant suitable for aluminium blocks. Colour is irrevelant due to different manufactors using different dyes

  • 50/50 of which coolant ......as in the original question ?

  • Thanks for that info Allen , appreciated .

  • G12 coolant.

  • Graham Cobb 50% coolant. It says on the bottle.

  • Cheers Phil , yeh but different colours with different property's for varying engine blocks , seems potentially a long job especially if any mis haps , i've not done a full flush before and ever the pessimist.

    Cheers !

  • Graham Cobb it's really simple. Follow your manual and use new washers. Enjoy!

  • It's easy Graham Cobb and I'm pretty spanner challenged when it comes to bikes