I would like to officially welcome Matthew Askey who got his grom yesterday to...


I would like to officially welcome Matthew Askey , who got his grom yesterday, to the club!!!

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  • welcome! i assume its the yellow one? #TEAMBumbleBee

  • Snap

  • Welcome to the madness mate

  • Yeah his is the yellow beauty

  • What's the "L" for?

  • And congrats!

  • Thanks guys

  • Learner or loser, take your pick haha

  • British thing, we have to put them on until we do and pass tests to say we're learners

  • That's coo. It is what it is.

  • I still need to get my license here in the US. Having a hard time deciding between a ruck or grom

  • Well you're in the right place to ask questions mate, I know a fair few of the members in this group like both bikes and can probably answer most questions about either

  • Thanks for the heads up. Will probably take you up on that.

  • Yeah this group is awesome, great group of guys and always happy to help when they can, anytime I have any sort of bike related question I come here and tend to get and answer pretty quick

  • Seems like it. From all the ruck and grom and scooter groups I've added in the past 2 months, this has been the most active.

  • That's possibly why I'm leaning toward the grom. Helpful community is always what's best. Was actually thinking of getting both tho, lol

  • If your budget allows for both then why not? You'll be able to get info for both in this group

  • Budget goes to one and parts... Then when that's done, new budget for the next one. The question really is which one first?

  • I've only ridden the grom but I'm sure if you ask the question most will say the grom first

  • Lol my question is if you go with a grom, you're already not that far off from paying for a sport/street bike... So why not do that? That's actually what I've been wondering with the grom.

  • I can't answer that question but guys like Jack Dempsey Osborne ride both the grom and big bikes they might be able to answer that one for you

  • People that run big bikes get on Groms and they absolutely love it! I have a big bike too but still love riding my grom as it's so enjoyable and just a laugh to hoon about on modify! Get both :P

  • Don't get a Ruck, no gears plus very slow lol

  • Would it be possible to throw a grom engine in a ruck? And if so, would it be too expensive to do? Personally I just like the look of the ruck, but if I can mod it to work like a normal bike, that'd be a plus.

  • I think it's been done. But it'd A LOT of work. Not worth the time and effort imo

  • Doesn't hurt to ask. Any tips on how to get a license when you don't have a bike and no one you know has one either? Or is it possible to get a permit and buy a bike and then get a license?

  • I'm in the UK buddy not sure how the licensing system works over there!

  • Haha my bad. Thanks tho.