• I would like to order some hard bags and top box for my 2005 750 It is my...

    I would like to order some hard bags and top box for my 2005 750. It is my daily commuter and I need storage that can hold up to daily use to carry my computer, paperwork, etc. I want good quality bags that will look good too. Not interested in flimsy plastic. I was looking at Viking Bags. Any suggestions?

    • I did the same thing. Carried my laptop back and forth to EDS/HP 60 miles round trip. These bags are Leather Lyke brand and you may have to relocate some lights. But these bags fit my 15" laptop in a soft laptop bag.

    • I have leatherlyke bags and commute daily. I actually keep my laptop in a backpack designed to slip over the sissy bar. Works great.

    • If u want to spend the money hard bags from a Harley road king but u have to move turn signals

    • I appreciate all the input! I love the backpack designed for sissy bar too. I am in and out of client homes all day and that might even be the best working option. I can easily put 200+ miles on daily. Thanks so much!

    • www.leatherup.com has the bag I use "Large Deluxe Premium Top Grade Cowhide Leather Sissy Bar Bag System X-537" which I had to insert a pvc pipe support inside to give it a shape. If you meet with a lot of clients would recommend a sissy bar bag that has wheels to make it even easier to tote the laptop around. By the time I add the charging cord, and a small extension cord, books, and paperwork, the bag gets some heft to it.

    • Can't find a good picture of my bike, but this is the trunk I use. A laptop fits in it fine. The fake leather weathers well.

      http://www.saddlemen.com/expre ss-desperado-trunk-bag-univers al

    • I would consider a trunk mounted on a rack for that type of gear and a medium sized set of saddle bags for rain gear, jackets, etc. I avoid hard size saddle bags because the soft side are more flexible when you need just that little bit more space. Hard side just aren't going to stretch when you need it.