If anyone is interested there s a few of us going from Walton bridge to...

If anyone is interested there's a few of us going from Walton bridge to Brighton tomorrow..no m roads to join the ace cafe to Brighton run..8 am at Walton bridge let me no if you fancy it???

  • Wait! Walton bridge, as in Walton on Thames?

  • Yeah

  • Round the corner from me. I saw a white one in Walton the other day. Any of you guys?

  • Come on get involwed

  • Would love to tomorrow but my kids take up most of my spare time. Going to try and go next week if on

  • Maybe I'll see what the weather is like 40 mins from me

  • Not on next week

  • Nutters Ace cafe I mean

  • Do it. We can attempt wheelies

  • Also it's sunny and dry for tomorrow

  • Running 10 mins late. Be there soon

  • Am here now... No one here :s

  • We're at Walton bridge

  • Well that was a shame then looked like a good days ride

  • Halfway to Brighton at jolly farmers ford meet

  • What time ?

  • At Gatwick catch us up

  • I'm currently pease pottage services on way down from Ace

  • Lol 1;40 to the jolly from me think I'll pass this one