If anyone would like to contribute any donation towards helping the family and...


If anyone would like to contribute any donation towards helping the family and buying a VTR Wreath, we have raised over £600 just from the VTR forum alone since Monday morning (prob more than that since y'day afternoon) and the money will be collected either via paypal or on the memorial ride itself via a Forum Mod Admin bod who will meet with a Mod Admin from NWBs on Monday and present to the family. Anyone wishing to donate even the smallest amount to help the family, please pm for the Forum members paypal details. Happy to pass it along if it helps his wife and children :-(

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  • you're welcome, next time just ask.

  • Sorry, I thought I had? When I mentioned it on the actual post? If we want anything pinned in future, rest assured, i'll b sure to ask first before posting asking! It was only an actual thought as I was typing it so everyone could get chance to donate..:-)

  • I cannot read every single post that all the users write ;)

  • I've given out the paypal details a lot today so soon as i can maybe get a total, i'll be sure to post up. If anyone asked me and because my head is in the clouds, mark it 'friends and family' so paypal don't take a cut! Ta muchly. I also have his address for any cards.. :-(

  • £900 so far guy from all the VTR forum and your good selves... :-)

  • over a grand now tracy....

  • Brilliant!! I'll have a drink for martin tonight... What an effort from everyone.. Well dine guys!!

  • i'll be having a few beers for martin next Friday, even tho i'll be 1000miles away, i'll be at the funeral in spirit, that spirit might be whisky tho......lol

  • Over a grand n a half n on the way to 1100 now n hopefully more come the ride tomorrow given on the day!,. Please guys,if you're on the memorial ride,and taking a pilly,could you maybe,someone,get it videod for those of us who cant make it!, cheers guys :-)

  • Martin was also on the ZX7R (Red Monkey) forum - and they want to get involved and to help. See: http://www.redmonkey.com/7r/?msg=30618.26