if clutch plates are warped what s the effect. and how can they be warped

if clutch plates are warped, what's the effect? and how can they be warped?... also is it possible to adjust your clutch on the lever?

  • Warped discs and plates cause clutch drag, even when holding the clutch lever in. There is no adjustments to be made with these style of clutch.

  • a have a litle clutch drag, could this be with the wrong type of engine oil? changing mine tomorrow... and what's the reason for plates to get warped?

  • They warp from heat usually. And the engine oil usually just ruins the friction material. You need oil with wet clutch additive.

  • thanks for the info!

  • It's not terribly common to have warped steel disks in a clutch like these. And since you mention dragging and lever adjustment sounds like maybe your clutch master/slave cylinders need work. Do you have a full lever throw with resistance or only partially? That's key here.

  • We just installed a Kevlar clutch in my 65. Should last a very long time. The original lasted 50 k miles. Dave Dodge sells them. Only a little more than stock.

  • I always soak my clutch plates in my new oil I am putting in the bike for a few hours. Even overnight. And like Jordan said, it needs to be a Wet Clutch Oil. That's just the way I do it. Was told that once when I was younger and it always stuck with me.