If I replace the rectifier the one by the battery with a new regulator...


If I replace the rectifier (the one by the battery) with a new regulator rectifier do I still need the regulator (under the battery) or am I missing something

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  • problably will get the combo unit, have to connect the wire from the regulator into it also

  • Nope. Disconnect regulator. No need for it afterwards.

  • Tape the ends off...

  • You'll connect to the 3 stator wires and run the neutral light connection into the new plug then connect the the 2 4 pins and you're set

  • so tape off the yellow and green and add some wire and connect the black up to the single black wire off the new rect/reg. Then plug in the 4 pin connectors

  • ... I'll look at colors hold on bud.

  • or connect the black into the starter magnet switch cause its closer but I would need a two prong female connector, I think adding a wire from the strator black is the way to do it

  • No. Black to ground. Red to positive. At the battery. The 3 white wires (on ricks units) go to the three stator wires. The green with red stripe is neutral switch wire, I left my out, cause I don't use it. But if you do you simply make the connection into the stock spot in the harness and into the plug.