If you don t agree with a post someone has made you have choices


If you don't agree with a post someone has made you have choices.

1. Ignore and move on.

2. Report to administrator and we decide if it should stay or be removed.

3. Comment nicely if you choose.

DO NOT POST HATEFUL Comment, meme, or uncalled for remarks. This is not a school group we don't act like spoiled brats. Don't like something go to next post. I see it hear it again you one warning. And I will not only remove from this group I will remove from any and Magna groups I admin.

Not everyone is ever going to always agree that is natural. But child like behavior is not needed. If you think the post is wrong flag it and I will decide.

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  • Daughter, future V65 rider. She can't wait. I can't either

  • I didn't post any naked pics so...... not it

  • Lol Tweak gotta love you man made my night.

  • My now 19 year old daughter wants her own bike.

  • I'm still up to my armpits in snow. It looks like it won't be gone till June. In desperation I go out to my garage and sit on one of my bikes and make vaarrooooom sounds

  • Rod I will be honest my bike has need new tires for 3 years, I have maybe road her a 1000 miles in the last 2. I put inform sale only to have my wife and girls remove it from being for sale. It is one of the few things other than my truck and tools we haven't lost. My wife's family in 2013 stole almosy everything we had. Few Taylor Mesple and others help us to buy the camper we live in. Irma's one of many set backs my in-laws caused. I need tires bad but be every time I think I can afford a set we get blind sided and they have to wait. Now my new project BARAA is taking away from my bike. But if BARAA works it will help so many. I have a page BARAA and what we are trying to do.

  • Hang in there buddy

  • Best of luck bro, stay positive ;) !

  • Am