Ignition bling

Ignition bling

  • from Webike, think its was £7.00 ordered it with exhaust

  • I was checking out that Webike page. How was your experience ordering from them?

  • Used then lots of times ordering stuff for my Zoomer

    Yeah there good and cheap ish prices but you will get hit for custom fees

    My exhaust I just got and the ignition bling I got hit for £40 fees

  • But would recommend without a doubt but bare in mind import feed

  • Yeah ok I seen you get free shipping if you spend 500 bucks but I'm scared for custom fees will be

  • I've always been charged fees by customs every time I've used them, it's a piss take but that's the price we pay for living in UK

  • Yeah I live in Canada I'm sure I'll get hit with the fees too