Im am keen to fit manual CCT S however im in Belfast and would like to know who...

Im am keen to fit manual CCT'S,however im in Belfast and would like to know who supplies them and if anybody locally fits them without me requiring a lotto win! Also i have REMUS grand prix hi level cans (as can be seen on the photo)i would like to refit the rear pegs,does anybody have a set of hi level cans that allow this without modification

  • You use extenders I believe

  • Hi mate.


    One or two in Belfast who may be able to help

  • Yea, I have the extenders but they are ugly they just sit out too far they are hideous lol

  • Honestly I felt weird about doing them..but gave it a go anyway. I'd recommend just going ahead with them.

  • get your manual cct's from ade whitmarsh on here easy job to do if you follow the instructions

  • Yes I'm aware of that site I did try and join it 18 months ago and again a year ago but never got any replies to confirm I was a member

  • Absolute doddle if you can read.

  • Ah. That's weird.. It's very active so that surprises me.

  • I will give it another go and maybe third time lucky I bought the bike 18 months ago and first thing I did was join that site I then realised a few months later but I haven't heard back so I resubmitted my details and still haven't heard a thing many months later cheers Robert

  • Great place mate

    Facebook is good but the forum is much more informative and there are a few meets organised too

    Infact there is an op storm northern Ireland

  • Oh Happy days!

  • Ade Whitmarsh is your man mate for the MCCT's, I'm yet to fit mine, trying to find the time in amongst other things, regarding the high level cans, I have a set of MIG's on mine and I kept the rear pegs on by using some chrome tubing and some long bolts, M10 I think, works a treat and cost me less than a tenner a couple of years ago.

  • Hi John Cooley I can supply you with a pair of manuals , but I'm away til 11th April.

  • Re the forum ...You wont get ''any replies to confirm I was a member'' it's a forum not a FB group page that needs a Mods aproval to join. You log in & type away. I suggest you go there today if you cant remember your log in from previosly then start a new profile with a different user name & password...& get posting ! Go to Rob de Hoo for cct'

  • I can supply a pair of manual ccts with fitting instructions & tracked postage for £46.00 (postage cost will vary outside UK)

  • Rob de Hoo sells the Krieger manuals. Good product for good price!

  • Quality manual ccts at a reasonable price, £46.00 with tracked postage & fitting instructions.