Im build my bike up aging for this years variety postie dash all the mods im...


Im build my bike up aging for this years variety postie dash. all the mods im doing are for practicality and maybe performance but not really for looks. I want it to look stockish with just "off road mods"

I cant make up my mind, should I put the Aux tank on (have everything for it) or build a PVC pipe tool box to sit there. I have to carry 5lt of spare fuel which is more than what you can carry in an aux tank, so I have to take more fuel anyway. or can someone think of any other place for a little tool box eg more carrying capacity

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  • Yeah I was thinking that but it really changes the look a lot.

  • You did say practicality over looks

  • Lol yeah I know. Variety wants the bike stockish. Those tanks are allowed but no really need as they plan the trip around the small tanks

  • Yea cool we do the outback postie ride and need every drop haha

  • Yeah I would love to do rides like that as well

  • Add the Aux and the PVC under the rack.

  • #practical

  • Yeah I was thinking about putting storage like picture

    Scott the was 100% what I was thinking. But I do like the look of the aux tank.