Im having problems with wind noise I think it will make me depth I removed my...

Im having problems with wind noise, I think it will make me depth! I removed my extra high windshield last week and replaced the factory fitted, the performance a fuel efficiency difference is quite significant, however two hours a day on the bike is not good for my ears. I already use ear plugs but I think Ive concluded that, the main problem is from the windshield, it creates turbulence and that turbulence is heating my head which is causing the noise.....

I comfident of this assessment because when I lower the windshield to its lowest setting, although I still have a lot of noise, its more constant than the typical thunder type wind noise I usually get.

Also I use a Shoei J Cruise......

  • Jer Phillips where can u get them ear plugs from made to measure for the ears

  • Stuart. You need to follow the link that I posted above.

  • Do they really work Jer?

  • I can only speak as I find Willy. I think they are brilliant and I've tried loads of cheapies.

  • The red one is for the right ear and the blue one for the left ear.

  • Firstly impressions are made of my inner ears. They are then digitally scanned to produce absolute replicas of my two ear canals. They are recommended by Jamie Toseland, Chris Walker, Randy Mamola, Neil Hodgson, James Haydon and Steve Parrish to name a few.

  • Many thanks for the info Jer, only just managed to see your reply, I'll make some enquiries as they look brill ☺

  • sometimes closing top vents on helmets helps reduce wind noise - worth seeing it it helps, even a little

  • Hi you might try ear plugs which are designed for swimmers, available from sports shops or eBay.

    Take care Andy

  • Not being horrible but the more obsessed you become with something the worse it can feel, a good quality helmet and ear plugs will be fine, it will never be like sitting in a Jaguar Car, it is a scooter. The Schuberth S1 Pro is supposed to be the quietest Helmet on the market. I suggest the problem is your Helmet more than the screen, do not kid yourself just because your helmet is a famous brand that it is quiet, not always so. The Shoei Raid 2 came 10th in the MCN test, yours was not even in the top 10. If noise was my main concern or i did huge distances i would bite the bullet and shell out £449.00 and buy the best there is, jog done. As they say, you pay your money and takes your choice !!!!