im looking for a first bike any suggestions needs to be cheap


im looking for a first bike any suggestions needs to be cheap

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  • im going to on the 24th

  • i have always ridden fast things i ride a 185 hp snomobile

  • Again, there is a world of difference between riding a fast street bike and ANYTHING else you have ridden. I drive fast cars and ride fast bikes (I have four Sport Bikes in additional to my regularly street bikes) and I can tell you - they can get away from you very quickly, even for an experienced rider. My 16 year old rides a R6 but he only got it after he had ridden other bikes on the street first. I would have NEVER let him take. Fast bike out before he got lots of miles of a slower bike. But don't listen to any of us who have been riding for 45 years - we are just trying to keep you from serious injury or death.

  • Andrew Chiasson - not trying to be mean but I am guessing you are a young guy and think you can handle it. There is so much more about riding a bike than just getting on it and going. As I said earlier, I have been riding for 46 years, 41 of those on the highway. I have had some very close calls and had I not had lots of experience, some of those could have turned out very bad

  • I have to agree I'm not a seasoned rider like these guys but the v65 is all I have for transport I'm going from a modified scooter to a 2 stroke 360 bultaco to the 65 and I have my doubts.

  • That Bultaco 360 is an awesome rock climbing bike!!!! Rode one back in the late 70s early 80s!!!!

  • I asked my son what thinks about a new rider getting a V65 and he said " no way should he - he will go down the first month" and this comes from s 16 year old who rides a Yamaha R6 and has ridden my V65 Sabre a lot

  • Justin J Torres- take is easy-don't be persuaded to race, and don't expect great handling. Work on the bike when you get money to improve the brakes, suspension, etc. When the V65 first came out, many many riders who didn't know what they were doing were actually flipping the bikes over on themselves. So don't rev and pop the clutch for a few months(or years--LOL).

  • This is my montadero. Last summer it's scarry on the street lol

  • What sprocket set up do you use? I think the max speed we could get out the Bultaco we rode was around 45-50 mph as it was geared for the trails and rock climbing

  • I've got a 42 on the back right now it'll do 85 easy in the desert I think I'm running a 14 up front

  • But bultaco don't like to stop lol

  • Ok. I think we were something like a 12 and a 60(back). That was one of the biggest sprockets I have ever seen! It seemed like it was a quarter the size of the tire! Huge, I say! Huge!

  • Andrew, IMO, the vf500f. Widely considered the best starter bike. It was the perfect commuter bike and had enough power.