Im very new to this so bare with me when i kick my 1982 honda xl100s the fly...

Im very new to this so bare with me when i kick my 1982 honda xl100s the fly wheel isn't turning the cam, its loose. How do i tighten it?. Do i tighten a bolt on the other side if the engine??

  • Did you remember the woodruff key?

  • Woodruff key it needs

  • ?

  • What does it do and where does it go

  • Does it mean bottom end rebuild

  • U need to take fly wheel off. There is a cut out in it. Where woodruff sits.. wood ruff key gets placed on crank. Then u slide flywheel on where the cut out is..

  • Take the magneto/flywheel off. There is a groove in the shaft. The woodruff key is a small semi circular piece that slots into the groove that then mates to the groove in the magneto. It looks like this

  • I cant get it off lmao thank you for your help i really appreciate it

  • Easy to lose...

  • Thank you i really appreciate your help

  • U would need a puller to get the flywheel off.

  • Once flywheel is off. It will look like this.. see the woodruff..

  • Pic for example.. see where the cut out is at the centre. It lines up with the woodruff on the crankshaft. Previous pic

  • Oohhh ok so it just pops in?

  • Do it kick over fine Chris

  • Yes it does

  • Basically it is just not firing. As the flywheel is slipping..

  • Yes. The problem with yours.. the woodruff is either missing or has sheared. U would need to clear where it fits. Then fit new. Check for damage

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