in spain listerning to the sports bikes whizzing up and down the local country...

in spain listerning to the sports bikes whizzing up and down the local country roads outside my house. i'm gutted because I can't join them as my bikes in the uk.....i'm now sulking

  • I am in sevilla,I'll rent u mine!!

  • don't tempt me mark....hahaha, my master plan is to have my bike in the uk for summer and in spain for the winter.

  • where are you at?

  • I am going to California to see friends and home... also buying trip,spark plugs here are 30 euros for two and there only 9$ each. going to buy lots i=of stuff. Last year I went from here to Great Dunmow on my vtr.

  • i'm in tarragona, not that close i'm afraid, that's a hell of a ride from Essex, how long did it take you?

  • 3 days to the chunnel and and slept in essex the first nite,took the ferry back and wont ever do that again. More money and less fun. Also not to fun to ride here in the south now,it's averaging 48C here and with leathers you are fucked,my bike almost throws fire out the fan at my right leg!!!

  • I driven from London to tarragona a handful of times, chunnel or boat, 15hr straight drive in a car, ferking knackering tho. I've also done the Portsmouth/bilboa ferry a few times, it bores me silly tho. when I finally do the trip on a bike, i'll take it easy and spend a few days riding the pyrenese. if ever you do the trip again, let me know, your welcome to stay at my place on the way thru.

  • next yeay isle of man I will be in touch good liuck