In your opinion Which is the best website to find parts accessories at


In your opinion, Which is the best website to find parts/accessories at?

I.E. clutch cable, throttle cable, handlebars etc.

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  • Amazon works best for me

  • Amazon. Usually beats the prices in eBay and lot more reputable

  • for Shadow specific everyone talks about TJ Brutal Customs

  • Thanks everyone.. I really need some parts. I just couldn't ever find a good website. I know about Amazon, I've gotten a few things from there already.

  • I just bought some bags from someone in a shadow facebook group maybe someone here has what you need and you could get them used. Another thought is when I was buying my pipes I just googled the item and it gave me a bunch of sites to choose from with the product in stock.

  • Need/want a luggage rack.

  • Rick Chamness It happened in a post on Shadow Riders America. I would just post what you did there but not as a part of this post.

  • Motion Pro for Cables for sure.

  • Ebay

  • Ebay.

  • I like Dennis Kirk. Bikebandit is good but the shipping is very slow.