Installed a cheapo radio mp3 player on my 97 ACE 1100 last night and wired it...


Installed a cheapo radio/mp3 player on my '97 ACE 1100 last night and wired it directly to the battery as I didn't have time to crack open the headlight to wire it directly to the ignition wire. It does have an LCD clock that's on all of the time and the player store programmed radio stations and holds time. It has wiring for battery + and battery - and ignition. When I do wire it to the ignition wire in the headlight do I need to keep the pos wire wired to the battery too? I thought this may be the case since the unit does not have a battery. Do you think the lcd clock will run the battery down enough to be concerned in the mean time. I know I can just attach an inline rocker switch and keep it wired directly to the battery as well. Anybody every come across this before and if so what did you do?

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  • One wire to switch, the other on worries about battery running down...

  • The battery + should be wired to constant 12V, if you want to keep the clock and presets. It won't draw much. Do run a fuse or circuit breaker on that wire as close to the battery as possible.

  • The radios should have two wires for power in the back yellow and red. The red is constant power, the yellow is accessory or ignition. And no the radios memory will not drain your battery. I recommend putting a small fuse in line in both the red and yellow in the event of a power surge you won't fry any other electrical components