• Instructions look as clear as an alcoholics urine haha

    Instructions look as clear as an alcoholics urine haha

    • How much did you pay for it?

    • Ok so its fitted

      I had to use a longer bolt at the front but after a fiddle the longer bolt reached

      Fitting is fairly simple!

      Remove the centre ppate, no screws just a pull off job as you can see

      Remove the 2 screws from the handle bar cover, the cover is also clipped on in a few places so just pop it off, you may not have to do this I did too remove the gold bolt

      Now I don't know if its normal to have a gold bolt but mine did I assume from the heated grips

      If you removed the handle bar surrounds refit them

      Now place the phone holder onto the bars and fit the 2 bolts and washers

      Screw the inner piece to the holder with the 4 self tappers( not tight they feel pretty easy to round)

      Push the rubber cover down and stick the thermometer on.

      Now for the ass bit, the mirror sticker... Mines covered in air bubbles and mess

      And that's it I didn't wire it in as my phones battery lasts the day during sat nav etc anyway 8-)

      Happy fitting

    • The holder is £56 retail with no leads I paid £50

    • Where abouts did you purchase it

    • Honda dealers in Crawley

    • Wow is it big or do you have a small phone?

    • That's a 5" display android

    • That's good so my iPhone 6plus will definitely fit lol

    • Apparently it fits but the cable is super tight to get in