Insurance What are classed as modifications Everything that you change so...


Insurance. What are classed as modifications? Everything that you change, so even levers, mirrors, etc? Or just stuff like a new exhaust (even slip on)? Also, do you factor these mods into the value of the bike when asked? ie, bike bought for 2799,exhaust = 200,you say value is 2999?

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  • Everything that doesn't come on the bike from the factory, changing levers and all. And no don't factor them into the value of the bike because insurance won't pay for any mods put on the bike if wrote off or broke.

  • Just make sure you check the modification policy, Adrian Flux and MCE cover them, but you'll probably pay a higher premium for it. If you do have a lot of mods, it's probably worth the little extra you pay. Performance mods are the most important to state, as they will likely bump you down to third party if you don't tell them. Cosmetic mods, like a seat change, depends on how much it cost vs how much the bump the premium by, it's a modification that probably won't effect the insurance category, but paying an extra £10 a year for a £20 seat cover change may not be worth mentioning.

  • Initially looking at akrapovic slip on, yss rear shock, asv levers, belly pan, and tail tidy with new indicators

  • I have the Akra slip on, tail tidy with new indicators, luggage rack with top box and a couple of other small things like a fender extender. My insurer (Hastings Direct) thanked me for informing them of all these, but it didn't affect my premium at all. They told me they weren't really worried about any single item under £500, or that didn't substantially alter the bike's performance. Obviously your mileage may vary depending on your insurer, but personally I'd let them know. Just call and ask how they'd see it if you fitted those parts.