Interested in Adams question about tyre life Ive got a 2016 Dct which has done...


Interested in Adams question about tyre life. Ive got a 2016 Dct which has done just over 2.5k. On the original Bridgestone Battlewings which are just under 4mil on front and 5.5mil on rear. Going to Alps in May and reckon on doing around 2000 miles solo but loaded with luggage etc. From folks experience am I better to change tyres before I go or will they last until I get back? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi there, my advice would be change just before you go, mountain roads are nothing like English country roads, some have more abrasive surfaces and of course have lots and lots of bends, going up accelerating will eat more on the rear and going down braking will eat more out of the front, and you will not be thinking all the time "are they going to last?"

  • Thanks very much. That's really useful info.

  • My original tyres were pirelli scorpion trail and when i had 13k kilometres rear finished front was half. I changed them with scorpion trail 2 pirelli and im happy with them about 3k kms

  • Yes , get rid of the death wings and put pilot 4 trail on them awsome tyre for the ct

  • Michelin PR4, best tyres ever. Almost 10000miles if you are lucky. But 7500 miles more likely

  • Thanks Martin

  • If the mileage of ur tyre is only 2500km till today.

    To me they are still consider new. You should carry on with that tyre. But be sure to keep at right tyre pressure. Not too much n not too less. Hence, if ur ride going to encounter unexpected terrain. Suggest to change to suitable tyre.

    My Battllewings lasted for 22000km. I can still carry on but had unfortunate situation with the tyre that force me to change it.

    Ride Safe.

  • Think the reason you had an unfortunate situation with your tyres is because they were fucked well before 22000 km

  • The situation was.

    Get poke by nail sideway & my mechanic damage it further during replug caused the hole to be larger n not repairable.

    Sucks right