Interesting calculation. . What rpm needed at certain topspeed.


Interesting calculation :-) What rpm needed at certain topspeed :-)

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  • Goodluck achieving that Rob. Lmao

  • Will make calc for Firestorm with speed of 300 km/h

  • Believe it or not but I have standard geraing at 100km's an hour on the freeway my speedo matches with friends and I have been upto 280km's an hour and haven't ever clicked 6th gear yet. I know a heap of work was done on mine from the previous owner. Will have it on the dyno soon and I will film it.

  • wow , must be one hell of an engine that one ! mines running race pistons , race cams , extensively worked heads , handmade carbs a stage 1 exhaust and numerous other bits n bobs and i would be pushing it to reach those heady heights !! mines making 128 bhp at the wheel .

  • I bought mine off a friend. I don't know what exactly has been done to it and he hasn't a clue either, he is not mechanically minded he just threw money at it flat out. Am hoping for simular figures to you Ian. He did have it on the dyno and told me what it read but can't find the dyno sheets. I want to see the figures for myself. I know this much the next stage was turbo charging it or supercharger, he decided to go and buy a 2010 R1 as they'r 180hp out of the box.

  • You could do "laughing gas" injection also, will definately make you laugh :-)