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  • My mum used to take me to infant school sat on the tank of her Montesa 250 and holding the bars.. I never thought of it as my body's first riding experience before, but if he does then I am now! :)

  • Bigger version of the pic.. That's a very early Cub.. Top engine mount like that is '58 or '59. Looks like the spokes all go inside the hub flange too, rather than alternating. That didn't last long in production.

    Great link Eric.. Cheers for sharing it.

  • '59 I think looking again.. The '58 had a different air intake, and this has the later one same as the '60s models.

  • 1958 air intake.

  • You may find this interesting too.. Old article on the Cub's arrival in Britain.. (first official sales Nov 1962) and the reliabilty trial they did for publicity. Interesting what a different start they had each side of the Atlantic. (both successful but very different)

    http://davestestsandarticles.w 046/mcnaut83japclascub50.pdf

  • Thanks for the write up link. I have one wheel with the spokes pointing in. I believe I got it off Ebay for one of my '61 Trail C100s.

  • The battery hole is an early one and it is a 2 star engine like my C100 trail bikes. Mine are not that early. Mine can be seen in my album "My Sleuth of Cubs".

  • The C110 is a first year one with the white tank.

  • Here is a photo album of some C100-60 bike and a couple '59 also. rustyiconoclast/albums/7215765 3715282763/with/19777724146/

  • Thanks for the Link Eric.. Very interesting all the little differences on these early models.