• Is anyone selling Rizoma mirrors. UK only

    Is anyone selling Rizoma mirrors? (UK only)

    • If you want new, then www.moorespeedracing.co.uk based in Poole, Dorset

    • Why the hell they are freaking expensive LOL

    • Quality make, I have the Dynamic ones on my bike

    • Worth keeping an eye on ebay

    • Philip Silvey I will check them on ebay as well. cheers mate !

    • your welcome

    • Philip Silvey what is the Vision like on the dynamics mate ? Did you need to buy certain fittings too ?

    • There not too bad, it makes you look properly rather than just glancing at them. Whatever Rizoma mirror you buy you have to get the fitting kit.

    • Why dont you buy some good replicas Lesley? I have replicas of rizoma and they are very good quality.

    • Pedro Castro Any links bro?

    • Yes i can give you a link from ebay from ones just like this ones, but i bought them here in Portugal directly to a seller. Just a secound

    • If you want i can talk whith the guy here in Portugal, to know if he ships them to UK.

    • Pedro Castro thanks mate

    • Yes please. If you can that would be great, Interested aswell.

    • Ok, i will talk whith him

    • Tiago Lourenço, Lesley Ravindra and Asif Khetab talk whith this guy.