• Is are Takegawa planning on ever doing a carb conversion for the MSX like the...

    Is/are Takegawa planning on ever doing a carb conversion for the MSX like the Yoshimura?

    • Nope no news or plans of doing one for the MSX :)

      I have the Yoshimura Carb Conversion tempted to give it a try still sitting on my shelf lol

    • Can you get them through your suppliers? I would love to do this with the 181 big bore kit you do

    • I can get them from Yoshimura no probs :)

      Yea im sooo temtped to bolt on this 28mm setup to my 181 4v lol

      181 with the Yoshi would be a cool setup and the only one in UK ;)

    • Do you have a round about price for that setup. 181 and Yoshimura? You won't need the fi-con thing would you out the 181

    • 181 Cylinder/Piston & Camshaft is £350 (£450 with FI Con)

      Yoshi Carb Conversion kit £299

      28mm Yoshi Carb Setup £225

    • That sounds like a plan for me. Need to get some funds sorted then will be in touch. When you bolt yours on let me know how you get on with it cheers

    • No Worries just let me know can sort out a deal ;)

    • Yes. Will be in the new year now but cheers

    • What sort of power does the 181 kit you sell make Ben ?

    • 181 2v at £450 around 13-14hp :)

    • I might be up for another kit very shortly,this time I want to go straight to 4v instead of 2

    • Power !!!

    • Yep new bike new start

    • Nice, what's details of the 4v?

    • 181 4v £1199 around 18-19hp

    • Think you need me to dyno some kits for you so you actually know wat there putting out

    • Going by Taki numbers your 143 pretty much bang on