• Is it common for these groms to smoke even when properly warm It s only got...

    Is it common for these groms to smoke even when properly warm? It's only got 100 miles and the mayo in the oil is pretty bad?

    • Smoke or steam?

    • Probably steam

    • Water is a by-product of internal combustion.

    • I'm not really sure guys just I've never had a four stroke that smokes or steams

    • Buy a 636

    • Mine pretty much always has the mayo effect in the oil cause I do so many short trips, but it never smokes. Sometimes steams on a cold morning but that's it. What colour is the stuff coming out the exhaust? Is it light or dark?

    • Quite light, but it continues even after a 4-5 mile ride it is very cold where I live atm to be fair

    • I'd say it is probably just steam. I ride 7-8 miles each way for work and my oil is always mayo-like. It is on cold and frosty mornings I notice it steaming more. If you are worried about it then you could ask your dealer about it since it is new?

    • Your get steam this time of year even with the warmer temperatures were having this month so dont worry bout smoking although id take a look see what the oil looks like id its very black and gritty need oil changing and new gaskets. And seals