Is it difficult to replace the starter motor on an 07 CBR1000rr What tools do...

Is it difficult to replace the starter motor on an 07 CBR1000rr? What tools do I need? Any tips?

  • If you have to ask you should probably take it to a shop.

  • Lol well aren't you the friendly type

  • Sorry mate but it is a straight forward job but if you are not experienced its easy to mess things up, even scratching a panel is easy if you don't know what your doing. You did ask for a tip after all. ☺

  • LOL. You're right, I did.. But I'm pretty mechanically inclined and I wench on all my vehicles.... It does seem like an easy job... But I honestly i haven't even taken off the plastics to see what it's about. I've just seen the manual give more steps necessary than what I've read on forums. I was hoping for a little more insight or personal experience

  • Once the panel's are off it's piss easy

  • Bikes are way easy to work on man. Take time and just do it right.

  • You tube it buddy. I've never had no experience at all on bikes and I have an 07 im rebuilding that my younger brother gt killed last year on his 06.ive done gt it bakk together with every part of his I could use and I would prefer not to ask any one on anything cause you always gt no it all smart assess on here. You tube what you need and you can do it. It's what I did.

  • Give me your fairings

  • I YouTube CBR starter motor replacement over a week ago. Nothing specific or close enough that would give any useful tips. But thank you for your input, you're definitely right about the interweebs and it's trolls

  • Lol

  • Do u no its the starter motor on it buddy

  • No tip but love your bike.

  • Cuz it's lot of people think it's that when it's the rec or staor

  • Then you sir. I'll be having a photoshoot soon

  • Electrical and fuel

    systems is fine. I've already ruled those out from tests.