Is it just my bike or is 5th gear more like 4 5 It barely noticeable the...

Is it just my bike or is 5th gear more like 4.5? It barely noticeable the difference between 4th and 5th

Otherwise I have to say I love it!

  • yep lol I'll listen to the rpm up shift into nothingness. I need to regear this thing

  • I'm thinking about changing the sprockets to give it longer legs

  • exactly, I think 15/30 or 28 was what I was looking at. but I wanna order the big bore kit too to pep it back up on the lower end

  • and I'm sure I'll have to open up the air box some to feed it

  • playing with the dual carb idea too lol

  • Don't they all have twin carbs then? Mine has twins on already!

  • not all, mine has one and a y tube intake manifold.

  • I thought some of them did but not all

  • some come with two I think it's certain years, I'm gonna swap my single out for duels. to feed the big bore

  • I have to admit I would consider changing to a single, for simplicities sake!

    There isn't a vacuum pipe take off point on the inlet on mine anywhere so balancing the carbs is impossible with the gear I have available