Is it possible to fit a centre stand The bottom of the frame looks like one...


Is it possible to fit a centre stand? The bottom of the frame looks like one should fit. 08 model.

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  • I was trying to let him down gently by getting him to read all about it on the forum. You just broke his likkle heart *tut* lol

  • Abba stand it is then. 100 quid not too big of a wallet hit.

  • How big a slope is it John?

  • Just a gentle slope. I reckon the paddock stand would be alright with an extra pair of hands. But thats not always possible

  • It's only for cleaning really. I like to be able to turn the wheels an give them a good clean.

  • I've just bought a 1jac from pick it up next week. I'm limited for space so ride the bike in then will use the 1jac to turn it around, cleaning, maintenance etc. More expensive than an abba stand though

  • Us northerners are known for our blunt and forthright views... Sorry John... Saves a bit of heartache down the line I suppose

  • Looks good. Don't really want to spend that much though.

  • mine has one already fitted

  • Mine was fitted as standard - 07 reg. Why on earth do they make bikes without centre stands? It's ridiculous. The only bike I ever had that didn't have a centre stand was a Suzuki SV650, pain to do anything with it, my Nephew has it now he he :-)

  • It is a straightforward fit job, but bits not cheap. Get a parts list and shop ebay

  • I believe the cut out is in the trim. I had an abba stand found it difficult to use on the CBF, but there again my drive is covered in gravel