Is my 2001 model trail 110 able to be registered


Is my 2001 model trail 110 able to be registered?

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  • I've owned some without, and have spoke to people who have owned non compliant versions

  • 90s or 110s.

  • Its hard to get info on this, i just read a quote from Honda Australia stating that agricultural models with high/low range do not nor will ever be getting ADR compliance. Interesting since i sold one with compliance this year.

  • I have both ct90s and ct110s dual range that have compliance plates and some are registered. Year models range from 78 to 85.

  • I've had both 110's and 90's non compliant mainly early girls and I actually know of somebody who had a 04/05 ag model which was non compliant aswell

  • I have owned them without compliance plates

  • I own five ct90s three with id plates and two without and Dromama RTA says they are all registerable a couple of really early ag ones...

  • This is my 09 ag model full rego

  • Pre 89 ones are ADR approved so can be registered.

  • Complience plate is needed on the neck of the frame..

  • Early ones didn't have plates but according to Dromama RTA no probs..

  • ADR plates started in 76, different rules apply to pre 76 bikes. Everything post 76 requires a plate.