Is the Mustang seat really that much more comfortable than the stock seat


Is the Mustang seat really that much more comfortable than the stock seat? Are there more choices besides the Mustang?

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  • ultimate is a very good seat as well

  • My wife and I can put 350 miles on my Aero with a Mustang seat and feel no pain. Great seat. Highly recommend getting a backrest for yourself. Makes a huge difference.

  • My 70 year old backside is so glad I have a mustang seat with a backrest, enough said.

  • Corbin seat is great.. Had two.. Ready to put 3rd on my aero

  • Yes but $600 ! Damn I need one also but so expensive

  • Sometimes you'll find a deal on one on Ebay. I bought one in excellent shape for my wife there for around $100. You just have to keep looking.

  • I love the Corbin that came on my bike.

  • Can anyone confirm if the seats are the same across all platforms? Aero, sabre, spirit etc. I have an 2001 1100 Aero and wondering if a 750 seat or another 1100 seat would fit on my aero

  • I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure the aero 1100 seat is model specific. That being said, I had a Harley seat on my CB900c...

  • The Mustang seat that is made for the Aero 1100 only fits on the Aero 1100.

  • I put a Mustang seat on my Shadow last August and loved it. I traded in the bike but kept the seat for a buddy that was interested in it but he just traded his bike in also. I'll probably put it eBay or in the classified section here, I just need to take some pics of it.

  • did you sell the seat or is it still available /

  • Sorry it's sold but thanks for asking. Ride safely.