Is the varadero engine exactly the same as vtr


Is the varadero engine exactly the same as vtr?

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  • I think it only has 5 gears........ 8|

  • First model 5 gears, later model 6 gears. Don't know if there are other differences. Varadero has cable clutch

  • varadero engine is detuned

  • I believe later model varadero had fuel injection. There was a discussion on one of these groups recently about whether this FI could be adapted to the vtr. Probably not worthwhile though. The throttle bodies were considerably smaller than the vtr carbs, but this reflects the state of tune the varadero required, I.e. lazy under stressed engine with very flat torque curve more suited to touring. So varadero had different cam timing, probably different gear ratios and behaved very differently from the vtr.

  • So vtr engine would be upgrade? As all mount are the same?

  • Vtr engine would fit mounts okay, but not sure about air box. Not so much of an upgrade as a nightmare I would have thought. Something like the varadero is designed with a very lazy under stressed engine for good reason; you don't want it to break miles from anywhere in the bush, and you want it to run on any crappy fuel you put into it. For riding off piste or away from metalled roads or on poor surfaces you need an engine with a very linear delivery. If you never intend using the Varadero for those kind of overland outings, and only use it on Tarmac, then I guess it might be more fun with the vtr motor, but it's probably easier to buy the later model vtr which was a bit more of a sports tourer anyway.

  • There's a guy on the forum who's done it, worth looking at

  • Thank for the help

  • Im sure it has a heavier crank too so it revs slower