• Is there a centre stand that will fit the grom

    Is there a centre stand that will fit the grom ?

    • I'm thinking of getting a shorter one made on cnc machine

    • A carby cbr900rr's stand uses the same switch and fitting. It's made of hollow tube. You could cut, slug, and weld to size. Not as bling as CNC but way cheaper.

    • If I find my fireblade on the floor and the stand missing. I'll know where to come. Mine is the RR-W the last of the carb'd blades.

    • I've had two - an rrt many years ago

    • My 954 is safe for now then..lol

    • Modified that as you do. And more recently an rrw which was in really lovely condition

    • Would love a 954. But I just can't ride it properly in and around London. The MSX is much more fun. However out on the fast open roads .....

    • Thats why I have both...and love the MSX slightly more lol

    • Mint!

    • Mine

    • I took it to pieces to spray the engine, this was right after. Really was lovely and the bloke who bought it off me robbed it at 1500€. Could've cried after buying it for 2600 and spending time and money. Meh, win some lose some.

    • And two weeks before I bought my MSX I parked my bike next to this at Boxhill and I twitched!

    • Ah! This is the problem isnt it..it goes from bike to fruit of labour to emotional attachment and back to money...

    • Ill keep my eyes peeled for you at box!