Is there a difference in power speed between the Magna and Sabre

Is there a difference in power/speed between the Magna and Sabre?

  • The faster you go the more inaccurate the speedo is

  • I had my V45 Magna above an indicated 140. I figure I was going maybe 130.

  • If you're talking about the 65s, the Sabre has 4 more hp

  • I havent had the pleasure to own the magna yet .but the sabre does hurt my neck on long runs its how i have to reach so far out

  • Do love the bike i hope to get me a magna to fix up to

  • Not sure about the trans gearing, but supposedly the cams on a Sabre are just a hair more aggresive than Magna. In reality, prolly a moot point, may come down to weight of rider, tune of each bike, drag coeffecient etc. Regardless, both are fun and fast. Always heard the math came out to 167 mph approx. But i dout they would do that with no body work on it, tok much air being pushed ahead. A Honda Blackbird is around 165- 175mph supposedly, and its set up for high speed runs. Just sayin..

  • Yes calculated top speeds are about worthless. They assume no air resistance. But no air resistance means no air, and no air means the engine won't run anyway! :D

  • My v65 will do 120 in 4th that's fast enough for me

  • I get a little woozy at 100 on any bike and I proceed with caution...

  • 148mph V65, V45 128mph