• Is there any sort of performance work that can be done to the 250 s my brother...

    Is there any sort of performance work that can be done to the 250's my brother wants to know before he decides to buy another rebel or not.

    • There's not a whole lot to be done to get extra horsepower. It's pretty well topped out at 234cc. You can change exhaust, add a pod air filter, change sprockets and rejet the carb.

    • He's not looking to make it a monster. But he's 6ft and 155 and said his last rebel struggled on highway and wants to just make it a tad more. So probably a sprocket change yes

    • I would do anything to it it's fine the way it is if it's too slow for ya you need another bike 750 shadow I got both and sometimes I love the simpleness of the rebel and sometimes I love the weight of the shadow depends on my mood lol

    • I'm buying one since I'm moving to Phoenix just to ride around from cafe to cafe and ride around the city site seeing

    • Honda bike are well made that's why year after year they look the same it comes down to what you prefer

    • The look will be changed very quickly when I get it lol, but I was curious since he asked me about making the speed better for highway.

    • 750 for highway

    • Be aerodynamic

    • He's only looking to do 65 lol

    • That's rebel sweet spot the only thing when it's windy or wet it tends to slip on the road markers and the shadow doesn't it has thicker tires

    • He's 6'@155, then he shouldn't be having problems doing more than 65. I'm 235± and doing 70+ on the highway when it's warm and 65 when cooler. In the winter I have done power issues but still goes good.