Is this guy dreaming or what When he first put it on he wanted 7500 a month...


Is this guy dreaming or what? When he first put it on he wanted 7500 a month ago

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  • The fl250 is the best go kart you can buy

  • I have mine up for trade and sone guy emailed me asking what price I would put on it. Told him if I sold it it'd have to be ridiculously high. He asked again so I told him $2000. Haven't heard from him since. Lol

  • It really is for sale for $600 cash I have $1000ish in it but she stopped running and I don't have the time for her anymore

  • For shits and giggles send me pics Forrest Sandlin

  • Never said it was anywhere near worth that. Just said that's what I'd have to have to sell it. Lol

  • Hahaaa yeah that's nuts for a couple grand more you could own this.

  • Boosting for that Razor

  • I own 3 razors right now. Just need to make some extra room

  • I was referring to the purple one

  • Oh LOL my bad.