Isit a big job putting this on. How easy isot. Cheers


Isit a big job putting this on? How easy isot? Cheers

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  • Id say its a little bit of a pain and use a lot of locktite and do it step by step should be all good :)

  • not a big deal, but patient required :D

  • Definitely loctite .... blue

  • You do need to remove the swingarm pivot. So you'll need to be able to support the bike while you do that. That would be a stumbling point for a lot of home mechs.

    I've seen one set of cheap rearsets. They were flimsy, the rose joints were as bad as the stock linkage, and they just generally reflected the price which had been paid.

    Remember these things hold your swingarm, engine, footpegs, and frame together. Not something I'd want to have a cheap flimsy bit of cast monkey metal in charge of.

  • I'd recommend Spyker over this.

  • Ryan Hawes had the same?

  • I had them off Ryan ;)

  • Not fitted anymore..

  • Would never buy one again