ISO who builds gear reduction for 2016 420 honda rancher 4x4 manual shift


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  • Thanks

  • Ron Shaw

  • Don Oglesby

  • What size tires are you looking to run?

  • I build them, have most gears on shelf and im in GA.

  • 28 outlaw 2

  • 35% or 53% your core gears and $400

  • Which one is better in your opinion

  • It has a lot to do with what you ride in, some ride thick mud and some ride mostly watery stuff. The 35% will let you turn the 28 II's but that's about the max, 53% will let you turn any tire up to 31's

  • If you ride any type of actual mud go 53% i have the same tires and have brought them almost to a stop

  • Do it still lugs in thick mud

  • For that setup the 53 is gonna be better in thick mud. Are u gonna stay with 28s?

  • Yeah more than likely I don't really wanna go bigger unless I get it stretched

  • Be between 35 and 53, 35 would do in most but theres always those few thick holes lol just deoends where u ride

  • Depends on what you call thick mud. If there's no water it'll almost stop them, as long as there's 2-3 in of water on top it'll keep turning them

  • I'm talkin about mud with no water in it but ok I'll have to do some more research

  • I ride in all kinds of mud watery holes and thick peanut butter mud

  • 10-4 if u dont mind speed id say 53

  • What would be the max speed with 53%

  • All the mud around me, if it doesn't have water it'll dam near stop my tires

  • And top speed is about 28 without red linig it