It is with great sadness ive sold my biffa today but i will still look at this...

It is with great sadness ive sold my biffa today but i will still look at this wonderfull site if i may

  • No John gone for a vfr800 58 plate couldn't resist it lovely grey colour fully dressed 1 owner from new 8007 miles on the clock

  • I looked at the vfr before the biffer, riding position was just a bit to wristy for me...might be a vfr1200 next though

  • The 1200 is very heavy

  • John, VFR 1200 could be my next bike. In two years the power limit of our son is over and I think about handing over the biffer and get a new one for me.

  • Think the VFR 1200 is one beautiful machine but maybe a bit to racey for me

  • This is mine if not this id have a vfr800 to

  • 800 way better than the 12

  • I had a sit on a vfr 800 at my local dealers, I'm 6ft 2 and 17 stone, found it uncomfortable. My biffer on the other hand is like an armchair on wheels, love it.

  • 800 is tooo racey for me. 1200 with a little raised handle bar, that it has not a to low and racey seating position.

  • Yeah think I'm going to stick with the biffer

  • Only goes as fast as you want

  • I went from a vfr800 to the biffer. Nice bike vfr800 just found I was ragging the nuts off it. Loving the torque of my biffer (black is the fastest )

  • John Peter Campey Position I'm on about

  • There not bad mate, the 800 I found very sporty but the 1200 is similar to the biffer

  • Still found it that bit more forward , would like to test one some day , maybe Mr Honda will bring a new biffer out with a bit more power with shaft drive

  • I took a brand new VFR800 out for a run last summer. Absolutely loved the sound in the mid-range...intoxicating. I'm 6'2" and found it far more comfortable than I expected. The cost of adjusting the valves with the VTEC scares me away from ownership.

  • Good to see you gone with another Honda. I test rode a new at time 2008 and found that the fuel injection was jittery at low revs / town riding.

  • Good luck with the new ride. I went from the st1300 to the cbf1000 found the biffer more enjoyable to ride but still liked the st13, then sold the biffer and bought another st13....what do I have now?? See below