It s a bit uncharacteristic for me bike wise but recently I ve had the urge...

It's a bit uncharacteristic for me (bike-wise), but recently I've had the urge to not be quite as loud. Still loud, don't get me wrong, but maybe take the edge off. So...

Emgo shorties. Thoughts? Feelings?

  • I feel the same. I've been leaving for work at 5:15. My wife says I'm waking the whole neighborhood.

  • Yeah. And I want something really low-profile. I know the emgos are not exactly high quality, but I like the look and haven't been able to find anything else to fit the bill.

  • Well, to be honest. You don't have to be THAT loud.

    I mean you DO draw attention.

    (And the bike looks good too)

  • Got these from dime city cycles. I'm happy with em. Still have a good sound too.

  • Does not work with a hellcat trying to be quiet like a mouse

  • A bit of rolled up chicken wire up the pipes is a cheap way of bringing the noise down.

  • My shorties are probably just as loud as when I ran head pipes only. But takes the treble out... like an equalizer. Sounds great, but still loud. I'm pretty sure there's no fiberglass pack in these. THAT would make it quieter.

  • Are yours emgo?

  • Yes

  • I can maybe get the part number tomorrow night when I get back home