Its finally time to replace my old Corbin Seat I thought I would make the...


Its finally time to replace my old Corbin Seat. I thought I would make the switch to a Mustang for a little more comfort on longer rides, but it appears that Mustang is no longer making seats for the VT1100c3's and I can't find one in stock anywhere. I have seen a couple on eBay, but not the 79170 model(the one with a backrest). Does anyone no where there might be one available? I would even consider an old beat up one that I could have recovered if there were one available.

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  • just wait. they do come up for sale on ebay. Not sure how necessary the backrest would be on the bike actually considering its positioning and how deep the seat is with a 2 up configuration. Just have patience and check ebay once in a while.

  • Phat performance parts has it listed, not sure if they have one in stock.

  • actually a ton of sites have them in stock

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of sites still have them listed, but nobody seems to actually have them in stock. I first ordered one from Phat Performance. They contacted me to say there were none available. So I called Cruiser Customizing and Biker Trends, both of whom still have them listed, but don't actually have any. Apparently most places generally have them drop shipped directly from Mustang. I also called Mustang and they confirmed that they are out and won't be making any more. So I'm still looking. If anyone runs across one, or knows of somebody who wants to get rid of an old one, I would appreciate a "heads up." Thanks again.

  • Outch. Ultimate, corbin, and saddlemen make good seats too. People love ultimate and are a lot like mustang

  • Yeah, the real selling point for the Mustang for me was all front to back adjustment in to backrest. I may just wind up having my Corbin redone, but would really like to give the Mustang a try if I can find one.

  • My mustang seat with the passenger seat installed is great for back support. Adds like 2-3 inches to the saddle