Jack Dempsey created a poll in Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

Debate time -

New MSX-SF vs. Original MSX

Which is better? + why?

  • The old one!! But I love the new headlight so I bought it. Now I have the best of both worlds!!!!

  • Alex-luis Eil gedabbert

  • The original. The seat is better

  • never sat on a new msx but ive also never heard anyone say that seat is better than anything other than maybe a slab of granite lol

  • I want old grom new light

  • Id say more like an ironing board. The new one doesnt leave you room to scoot back and forth as needed. Im sure that different saddles will come out for the 17 soon.

  • Tsd industries has one and its awesome

  • Is it a direct mount

  • ah fair point, i never sit that close to the tank looking at the new model

  • Old style. Honda fucked up on the redesign. I think we'll have another redesign when Groms stop selling because they look like a cheap Chinese Transformers clone.

  • That's a tail light the front is the ugly one

  • Prefer the original keep it classic, the new ones look too techy I'm happy with my original one

  • Seems like an unfair pol seeing as this group's had 3+ years of early Grom owners joining ;-) haha

  • The newer ones do seem quicker

  • An indicated (and highly unlikely) 80mph showed on my clocks going down Bruntingthorpe straight haha.

  • The sf just cos I own one

  • It just is